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Single On Valentine’s Day? Here Are 14 Ideas For The 14th.

Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world, but it may feel a little lonely spending it solo. There is so much pressure to have a boyfriend/girlfriend (and even if you have one, then to give the perfect present) that it’s hard to not feel stressed out or bummed out. Our local stores were filled with aisles of Valentine’s Day gifts and cards as early as January this year - reminding us even earlier to do something on the big day. 

No worries. We made a nifty list of 14 cool things you can do this Valentine’s Day designed to bring you joy, no romantic partner required.

  1. Board Game Night

Board games are a great way to bond with other single friends, have some friendly competition, and forget all about the mushy LoveFest outside. We're big fans of the classics - Taboo, Jenga, Catch Phrase, Scattergories, and Pictionary, plus Cards Against Humanity for a spicier evening.

  1. Taco Tuesday Dinner

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday - perfect for a taco Tuesday dinner at home. Tacos are affordable, easy to make, and delicious. If you're feeling more adventurous for toppings than limes and salsa, try some Kimchi. Some great tunes and a glass of wine while cooking, and you'll be enjoying your company even more than you thought you would.

  1. Read a Book at Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Engulf yourself in new written adventure or fascinating non-fiction. What’s extra great about this activity is you can take breaks to people watch as well. Is there a sexy stranger by the window? Try practicing your bravery by dropping off a note that says “Hi there - happy Valentine’s Day! Just wondering, are you single?”

  1. Watch A Live Basketball Game at the Bar 

Catching a live game at a local bar allows you unwind around a lot of other singles. If you're a sports fan kind of guy, you can zero in on those very cool ladies who share your passion. If you're a woman, hello?! You'll be surrounded by single men! This Valentine’s Day the Orlando Magic and Toronto Raptors are playing 7:30pm EST. With Magic in the game, doesn't that sound promising?

  1. Attend a Singles Event

If you’re ever going to go to a singles event, tonight is by far the best night of the year. So many people who don’t normally go to singles events would go today for the novelty. Check out what’s happening on Eventbrite or your local newspaper to see what looks interesting. And go with an open mindset - even if you don’t see someone who looks to be the love of your life, maybe you make a new friend, or just have a really fun time. 

  1. Spa Day

A day at the spa for a facial, massage or body scrub is an excellent way to relax and recharge. Many spas have hot tubs where you can even bring in wine or champagne. Toast to your friendships if you go with your buds, or if you’re solo, just to the awesome person you are!  

  1. Bake Cupcakes 

Cupcakes are cute, easy to transport, and a sure-fire way to impress anyone with your baking effort. They're the perfect sweet treat to cheer yourself up or share with friends or neighbors. Our fave flavor is Red Velvet with that delectable cream cheese frosting. Add a conversation heart candy on top to make them special for the occasion.

  1. Volunteer 

Volunteering is a great way to fill you with joy. In fact, research has shown that doing things for others makes you happy longer than doing something for yourself.  There are lots of ways to help in your community, like reading books at the library, serving food at a homeless shelter, dropping off clothes to a women's shelter, or listening to people's life stories and lessons at a senior citizen center. 

  1. Rom-Com Movie Marathon

Want to escape all the dating drama? Invite a friend over for one, two or even three love-themed movies. Some of our fave flicks in the genre: Love Actually, When Harry Met Sally, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Clueless, Say Anything, & 10 Things I Hate About You. Don’t forget the popcorn!

  1. Babysit

Pitch in for your bestie that just had a baby or maybe your cousin who is feeling overwhelmed with three kids. Giving some time back to people you love is an act of service that will help them while making you feel good - and you also might be able to make some extra cash! Plus, kids are naturally fun and funny, so expect some laughs and lightheartedness.

  1. Take A Long Walk 

Connect with your environment and yourself by taking an epic walk. Choose your own adventure: do you like city streets or quiet nature paths? Take a journal in your backpack and write down your thoughts at some point in your journey that inspires you. It’s a great way to get some easy exercise and fresh air. Want to make it a bit harder? Make the walk a hike in the hills.

  1. Throw a Small Dance Party

Make a 1-2 hour playlist full of songs you love and let loose dancing with a friend or two. Songs to include for sure: Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye, Single Ladies by Beyonce, Rock With You by Michael Jackson, You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate, & I Gotta Feeling by the Black Eyed Peas. Yes, "tonight’s gonna be a good night!"

  1. Practice Self Love Through Yoga

Being ready to find a life partner requires an open heart, both for someone else and for yourself. Remind yourself that you are worthy of love, flaws and all. A great way to practice this mentally is through physical intentional movement. Yoga with Adrienne offers an excellent class on self-love. We recommend turning off the lights and lighting some candles to make it an even more relaxing 50 minutes to breathe, move, and give yourself some TLC.

  1. Go on a Date

Want some company that could lead to romantic potential? Hop on a dating app like Hinge (geared more towards serious relationships than Tinder). Find someone locally to connect with and after some witty banter, just ask if they’re doing anything for V-Day. A small inexpensive gift (like a box of conversation hearts) is cute, but a dozen long-stemmed roses is sappy & overboard. Focus on having fun and genuinely getting to know them over worrying about them being your forever person. Keep an open mind and who knows, maybe you’ll be celebrating one year together next Valentine’s Day.

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