Finally, Matchmaking For the ENM Community

If you don't want to fall into the traditional boxes of marriage and monogamy, DateSpot can help.
We find reliable, compatible partners who are flexible for open or closed group relationships - and we do it in a surprisingly affordable way.

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What Is DateSpot?

DateSpot is a modern, affordable matchmaking company that works with people of all types. We don't discriminate and we believe everyone deserves love.

Traditional matchmaking companies don't take on ENM clients because their networks cater only to monogamous individuals, so they can't justify their normal rates or deliver enough candidates.

DateSpot is different. We have a wide network of ENM and poly people. We also have both free and pay-per-match routes. We see how your search goes and you only pay when there's mutual interest in meeting based on profiles with photos - or if you're in the free route then nothing at all.

It's the easy way to find other open-minded people - whether it's for a season or for life.

Benefits of Matchmaking

Common Goal

We can suss out what people really think & do to pair you with the right match(es).


Professionals assess long-term compatibility across a ton of dimensions.


Members can't access each other, and we selectively send profiles for approval.


We can identify people who aren't yet into ENM but are open to exploring it.

Time Saving

Online dating and meeting people out is time-consuming - and you're busy.

Location Expansion

Apps center around one location, while we make expansion to other areas easy.

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Who Is Matching Me?

DateSpot's Founder, Carla Swiryn, has been a professional matchmaker since 2014 and started the company in 2019.

She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area - a place of openness and people pushing the boundaries of the norm - and lives there now.

Along with her team of exceptional scouts and matchmakers, she leverages her connections with people who are poly and open themselves to understand the needs of the community and leverage their networks as well.

She is happy to listen to your story and desires to help you reach your relationship goals.

Relationship Types

We do work with many people who want long-term monogamy, but we're completely inclusive and accept people who want any type of open and honest relationship type:

  • Polyamory
  • An open relationship
  • An equal triad
  • Polyfidelity
  • Relationship anarchy
  • Monogamish


I need a woman to be open-minded sexually, at least somewhat kinky, and open to the idea of being with others if we don't fulfill all our needs. DateSpot is proactively targeting candidates in a creative way for me that I wouldn't be able to do myself.

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San Jose

I'm so happy that DateSpot is accepting of people who don't fit into the traditional relationship structures and can focus on them.

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I am non-monogamous, but I'm looking for someone to be very focused on and have children with. The logistics of finding a primary partner suitable for me are complicated. I love how DateSpot makes it easier and does that searching for me.

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Boulder, CO


We have three tiers that can meet any budget:

You're eligible to meet the clients of our partners, plus other DateSpot members when they're willing to sponsor your payment (and many are).
Pay nothing ever.

You can meet the clients of our partners free, plus other DateSpot members.
Pay nothing upfront. $49 to meet a Premium member or $199 to meet a Freemium member.

The most options. We're focused on you, continually search for you, reach out to partners, individually meet candidates, and provide feedback from first dates.
$595 upfront and $499 per match.

You're welcome to upgrade or downgrade anytime.


Per match (intro)
Free route costs nothing for a match