Give the Gift of Love to Your Family

Have a single family member you want to see matched up? Buy them a gift membership to DateSpot Premium, where they receive three high caliber, curated mutual matches... and the chance to bring someone wonderful to the crew!

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Shane & Alison

The Gift of a Lifetime

This year, instead of another physical thing that they'll outgrow or forget about, give a loved one a meaningful present for Valentine's Day, their birthday, the holidays, or for no reason at all. Through personalized matchmaking, you're giving them a better opportunity at a fully happy life. What could be a better present?

Why Go With DateSpot?

Wide Reach

We use our unique relationships with over 80 partner matchmaking companies to expand their match options beyond what they could do with any other site or app.

Risk-Free Pricing

They receive three matches within a year. If there isn't mutual interest three times, or one of the first matches works out, they can use the remaining funds for a photo shoot, coaching, or personal styling.

No Blind Dates

Our standard process is to share profiles with photos to both parties, ensuring a baseline of attraction that is needed to progress a date to a lasting relationship.


How Does It Work?

Number 1 on timeline

Member Signup

You'll intro us to your family member and we'll get them to create a private account with all the great info we like to collect to match them best.

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Profile & Photo Assistance

After we get a good sense about them and their partner search, we'll write up a profile with tons of info and photos for their review. We'll help them select photos or take new ones that present them accurately and in their best light. We may suggest a photo shoot.

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Identification & Outreach

We identify candidates within the database for them, and pursue the ones who are strong compatible matches. We ensure mutual interest before introducing them to anyone.

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First Date

They mutually arrange a time and place for a first date, either in person or by video. They'll be introduced directly so they can contact each other easily with any last minute updates.

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After the first date, we collect feedback from both parties and share anything interesting with the client so they can be conscious of anything they may want to change, and we can iterate in the search if needed. The feedback alone is super valuable in their journey of growth!


Our standard pricing is already some of the lowest in the industry - $600 per first date.

But we're offering you even more. Buy a package of three matches upfront and you get one of those dates half off. That's a discount of $300!


Three mutual matches
buy NOW
Service start date begins once client completes their account.

Go Team!

You're clearly a stellar person for considering such a special gift. We imagine the recipient is just as wonderful. Let's bring them someone equally amazing!