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What's the difference between the two tiers?

To receive our matchmaking service, you opt in to become a Client. That means we proactively and continually search for you. It gives you the most options, where you can match to anyone, including Candidates (people who do not want to pay for whatever reason). We can do proactive outreach to partners to see who they have, and even recruit candidates online.

The Candidate route is completely passive - we do not proactively search for you. It also allows you to match with the smallest percentage of people - only members willing to pay for matches, whether they come from DateSpot or partner matchmakers. You will never pay. This is not a recommended option if finding love is a priority in the next year or two for you, since statistically it will probably not lead to success that quickly.

We hope you will become a Client so we can search for you, but we are proud to allow anyone to join and be eligible for matches as inclusivity and finding the right match for people no matter what is part of our ethos.

How long will it take for a matchmaker to contact me?

For Candidates, we don’t have a specific time for any contact. Any match options are determined by the needs of each matchmaking client and whether you meet their preferences.

For Clients, we contact you after you sign up to send you the Client Handbook about the process, dating tips and resources. We'll also see if you're interested in doing a 45 min. video deep-dive. Generally, we present a Recommended Date within one month, although it totally depends on your unique search. We like to set up a check-in phone call after two months to discuss the search and how to iterate from there if needed.

What geography do you service?

If you work with one matchmaking company, you're limited to their specific location and where they service. With DateSpot, we expand the possibilities though the entire network of matchmaking companies that have clients all over, making geography irrelevant. We work effectively with clients all across the U.S., and even internationally.

If you live in a small town and want local matches only, DateSpot is a great solution vs. traditional matchmaking companies too as you only pay for an intro.

If you live outside the U.S., feel free to email support@datespot.love for a recommendation to another matchmaking company if you want more proactive, dedicated service.

I tried to sign up, but why couldn't I get past The Basics?

The system purposely will only allow you to continue beyond The Basics section once you have properly entered your location. The location field is a bit tricky as you need to start typing in your city, and then select it from the drop-down in order for it to save correctly. It can take up to 5 seconds for the drop-down menu to appear. Once your location is properly entered, the button to continue will be activated.

Do you match LGBTQ+ individuals?

Yes, definitely! We have many LGBTQ+ members. We actually get a lot of referrals of people in the community from other matchmakers who do not service them due to a lack of appropriate candidates.

Also, our partnerships with LGBTQ+ focused matchmaking companies allows us to match gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, and other individuals in a unique way - without paying the large amounts needed to work with them as a client. If you end up wanting more match options than what we deliver, we can refer you to a more specialized company that we recommend.

Can I buy matchmaking for a family member?

That is so kind of you to think about paying for your child, sibling, or parent! We absolutely do gift memberships, where you pay for each mutual match for someone else. There is nothing to pay upfront. Learn more here. Thank you from both us and them!

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