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Kim and Jake

How We Help Matchmakers

We understand your business needs. You want more great match options that fit your clients' criteria.

DateSpot supports you by offering:

  • A robust database of potential matches
  • Comprehensive profiles & advanced filters
  • Leads of potential clients
  • $300 commission for referrals that lead to dates
Database members
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Example Members

The individuals in our network vary widely in demographics, but the majority are busy professionals age 25 - 65. They are evenly split male and female. Most are in the U.S., but we span internationally.

Member accounts - including photos - are private and only visible to our matchmaking partners. But some of our awesome members are kindly willing to welcome you to demonstrate our diversity...

*Individuals shown may not be single at the time of your request.

Woman with red hair slightly smiling wearing a white blouse
Latin guy smiling at someone and holding a cute puppy
Asian woman smiling in red shirt
Caucasian man wearing white shirt and black tie smiling while posing with someone off-camera
Brunette Afghani woman smiling big looking away from camera
Attractive Indian man with 5:00 shadow wearing blue button down shirt
woman smiling brightly at camera and wearing a red top
bulky asian man looking sternly at camera with hands clasped together and placed on the ground
Older woman with freckles laughing with enormous Chinese lantern earrings
Young black man smiling big in front of palm trees
closeup of woman in grey top smiling at camera while tilted to the side and shoulder lifted slightly
Caucasian man in blue polo shirt outside with view of city below
Young Asian woman with long hair smiling in her bedroom
black man looking at camera downwards with eyebrow raised, wearing dark blue t-shirt and shades. behind him is a palm tree
Latin guy with eye glasses not smiling
woman wearing yellow top and smiling slightly at camera against a yellow background
Caucasian man with curly brown hair smiling
Woman with dyed blue hair at the beach
asian man leaning against brick wall while smiling and wearing black shirt and blue tie
Blonde curly haired woman wearing a tank top
Young Caucasian guy smiling in blue button down shirt at a bar
woman smiling brightly in a puffy jacket
Older Caucasian man in checked button down shirt with slight smile
Blonde woman with artsy long earrings and big lips not smiling
asian woman smiling with one hand on hips in a restaurant
Man in white T-shirt and cap
woman with orange hair smiling against white background and in red top
Bald Caucasian guy in green plaid shirt with a beard smiling
woman smiling while in library wearing a white top and holding jacket over her shoulder with one hand
Brunette guy in swim trunks at a pool party
blonde woman taking a selfie angled downwards in front of a plant with lips pursed
white man in green t-shirt smiling with tv behind him
Redheaded woman in teal shirt smiling
Asian man laughing while reading a book at the library
Brown-skinned woman smiling in a black jacket
Latin guy playing a soccer goalie and holding the ball
Brunette Caucasian woman in an apron cooking and smiling at the camera
young man looking at camera with eyebrows raised and scratching his head with one hand against an outdoor setting
blonde woman smiling while sitting on bed and holding a coffee
Young Asian woman pointing to a cup of sake
Brunette guy with a closed mouth smile and a beard
woman smiling while looking off-camera in an outside setting and wearing a grey top
Indian guy in maroon shirt in front of a river
Russian woman with dark brown hair and pink shirt
Caucasian guy in a beanie in front of a sunset
Attractive woman with long blond hair taking a selfie
man smiling at camera against black background wearing a suit
Older blond woman smiling faintly
Caucasian guy with slicked back hair and eye glasses in front of a Raleigh sign
Brunette woman in her 30s smiling slightly, wearing black, sungasses on her head
Caucasian man in his late 40s in a button down shirt smiling
Blonde older woman with bright blue eyes smiling
Caucasian guy in blue sweater speaking into a microphone
Brunette woman smiling in a while shirt
Indian man sitting on a bench in front of tall rock formations
Half Asian half white woman with freckles leaning against a tree with serious expression
Caucasian guy smiling faintly at a live Warriors basketball game
Brunette woman in her 40s in a bright pink top
Older Caucasian man eating tacos
Indian women in her 30s smiling with a glass of champagne
Caucasian guy with facial hair not smiling, in a white t-shirt
Older blonde woman with super strong arms
Older Caucasian man in a suit smiling
Black woman with hair in braided bun wearing hot pink dress looking away

Filtering Options

We have practices in place to automatically weed out any fake profiles so they’re not displayed to you, saving you time on only looking at real people. We also remove anyone who becomes engaged or married after joining, when we check in with them.

You can even filter for members who have been verified, meaning they know a DateSpot team member, have done a video call with them, or submitted a verification photo.

One of the benefits matchmakers love most about the system are the specific filters.
Here are some of them:

  • Gender
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Age
  • Metro Area
  • Height
  • Ethnicity
  • Children
  • Marriage Status
  • Body Type
  • Attractiveness
  • Religion
  • Education Level
  • Occupation
  • Longest Relationship
  • Drinking Habits
  • Smoking Habits
  • Drug Habits
  • Eating Habits
  • Politics
  • Hobbies
  • Pets
  • Fitness Level
  • Financial Stability
  • Who They're Open To
  • Metro Area
  • Family
  • Body Type
  • Height
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Education Level
  • Drinking Habits
  • Smoking Habits
  • Eating Habits
  • Hobbies
  • Fitness Level
  • Attractiveness
  • Prior Marriages


We make quality matches affordable through an efficient pay-per-lead model. You pay as you go, only when you want to connect with a particular member who we verify is currently single at the time of your request.

If you want to only pay when someone is interested in a particular client, you are welcome to share their profile through us beforehand. If they reject the person, you pay nothing.

And per industry standard, matching your clients with DateSpot clients is free!

Member Type


  • DateSpot Matchmaking Client:
    Intro Between Our Client & Your Client
  • FREE
  • DateSpot Candidate:
    DateSpot Does Not Share Your Client's Profile
  • $150
  • DateSpot Candidate:
    Profiles Shared & Accepted Through DateSpot
  • $250

Testimonials from Matchmakers

"DateSpot is one of the great resources for us as matchmakers to find potential matches for our clients. I got some excellent leads since we joined. It's easy to use, Carla knows her members very well and provides good background information."

blonde woman smiling at camera
Xiaoli Mei
Elite Asian Matchmaker

“Carla at DateSpot is a professional all other matchmakers want in their corner. She has a variety of clients and free members in her database, which makes it an absolute joy to go through her database when looking for matches for any and all types of clients. She has a wonderful talent for connecting people and clearly communicates between all parties so everyone knows what to expect. Highly recommended for other matchmakers who want to have more resources to better match their clients.”

blonde woman smiling at camera
Yasmine Ashuraey
Skilled Attraction

“In just a short time, I’ve gotten a few referrals of potential clients from DateSpot who signed on with me, and the clients have been great to work with!”

blonde woman smiling at camera
Gaby Aratow

“Our team has found that collaborating with other leaders in the industry leads to greater success for our clients. We love collaborating with Carla and the DateSpot team to make love happen for our clients! Carla is professional, timely in her responses, and she genuinely cares about her clients! DateSpot has been a trusted partner as they operate with integrity and care."

blonde woman smiling at camera
Amber Lee
Select Date Society

"DateSpot is a key resource for matchmakers. It has helped our team make some great first dates! Their database is robust and easy to navigate."

blonde woman smiling at camera
Michelle G

“This is the next big thing…you’re positioning people in front of the world’s top matchmakers.”

blonde woman smiling at camera
Cristina Morara
Stellar Hitch

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