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Why would I want to work with a matchmaking company?

1. Matchmakers get a ton of information about each person so they can effectively match people based on a wide variety of dimensions, increasing your chance of a compatible match.
2. Matchmakers work with clients who are typically successful professionals, so you know you're meeting a driven, self-sufficient individual.
3. Your profile remains private, visible only to the professionals.
4. Matchmakers can work well with people who are open to areas outside of their own city.

What makes you different than dating sites?

Dating sites don't have an important personal touch where someone gets a human understanding of both people. The apps also want to provide you with as many matches as possible to satiate the never-ending appetite of most users. With matchmaking, it's about disrupting that mentality by focusing on lower quantity and higher quality.

What's the difference between Free & Premium?

The free route allows you to match with people who pay for matchmaking or pay for a connection to you only.

The Premium route allows us to proactively focus on your search, and match to anyone - they don't need to pay ever. This essentially expands the options of who you can match to to anyone we see fit, even if they're skeptical about paying for a service. Premium members also receive feedback from first dates, which is super interesting and can be immensely valuable.

How long will it generally take for a Matchmaker to contact me?

For free route members, the timeframe is completely open. We don’t guarantee a specific time in which you will be contacted. It is completely determined by the need of each specific matchmaker and their current clients. You may never hear from us if we don't identify a match.

For Premium members, we contact you within a couple days to set up a consultation if you haven't already had one. After we begin the process, there is no specific timeframe or quotas to have to fill. That said, we like to get back to you within two months to discuss the search if we haven't already presented a Recommended Date to see if there's something about the search we can adjust, or if you want a recommendation for another avenue.

What geography do you service?

If you work with one matchmaking company, you're limited to their specific location, but DateSpot expands that to an entire network and makes geography irrelevant. So we work effectively with clients all across the U.S., and even internationally.

While we're based in the San Francisco Bay Area and have the most members there, our partners are based all over and typically have clients concentrated in those areas. We also work often with clients who have dual locations or are open to relocating.

What is required of me during the matching process?

We have simple expectations of you:

  • Treat matchmakers and their clients with respect at all times.
  • Upload accurate information and photos of yourself.
  • Follow through with integrity. If you say you will meet a matchmaker’s client, don’t change your mind unless there is a very good reason.
  • If you go out with a client and a matchmaker requested feedback, provide that feedback as an important part of the iterative matchmaking process. They can shed light on whether a second date makes sense. If it turns out to be a great connection, they will better understand why. If it’s not a lasting connection, the info can be used to better match both the client and you in the future.
  • Please keep all information about members, clients and matchmakers confidential. This is a special platform where everyone’s privacy is respected.
Do you do blind dates?

With DateSpot member-to-member matching, no. Physical attraction is an important part of a relationship and we believe there needs to be a baseline for a relationship to get off the ground.

We send Recommended Dates to our Premium and free route members that include a ton of info about the potential match as well as multiple photos. We try to ensure that people look like their photos through a video call or verification photo.

That said, many matchmaking companies do blind dates. They CAN work, especially in certain cases. As many of our partners do blind dates as their standard practice, it could be presented as an option. We also ask the question of whether you're open to blind dates, so you can exclude them altogether if desired. When we reach out about a particular match opportunity, we like to disclose whether it would be a blind date or not. You're always able to say yes or no.

What is your success rate?

Throughout her matchmaking career, DateSpot's founder has successfully matched up dozens of couples who have gotten married or stayed together after one year. Some of them contacted her years later thanking her for her efforts.

In terms of specific DateSpot successes, we're racking those up as well. We're happy to share that a couple who met through DateSpot (a DateSpot free member with a partner client) got engaged in 2023! We believe it is one of many - it's just tricky to know since many of our partner matchmakers don't contact us with status updates after they make connections.

DateSpot's founder also has seen success with Premium members who her team has focused on. She was thrilled to even officiate a wedding for one of them in 2022.

We hope you'll be our next success story and invite our founder to your wedding!

Who are your members?

While we're based in the U.S. and the vast majority of our members are there, our members are global. They span a wide range in demographics, including age, ethnicity, religion, and lifestyle. The gender ratio is about evenly split between men and women (and we do offer an option to say whether your gender identify doesn't fit into one of those options).

Inclusion is one of our core values. We allow everyone to join, and we think there is a “lid for every pot.” We also strive to provide options for each person specific to their preferences and situation.

The only exceptions for who we would never match would be people in a relationship seeking infidelity, or anyone who violates our code of conduct or disrespects people. However, if someone is looking to become a Premium member, we will review their situation to make sure we are comfortable with matching them and their search parameters.

Do you work with the poly community?

It's rare that a client in the matchmaking space is polyamorous (into ethical non-monogamy), but it does occasionally happen. We understand that people in these relationships are very honest and there is an understood equity about being open across the parties involved. We also know that many people are wanting relationships that are "monogamish", where there is a primary partner desired but there is the mutual ability to have experiences with others.

If you're into ethnical non-monogamy or considering it, we are happy to consult with you about your unique experience and goals and recommend customized solutions to help you find love.

Do you match LGBTQ+ members?

Yes, definitely! We have many LGBTQ+ members in the database. Beyond that, our partnerships with LGBTQ+ focused matchmaking companies allows us to match gay, lesbian, bisexual and other individuals in a unique way.

Remember, if we don't have appropriate matches for you, or matches that you're excited about, you don't pay anything. If you join as a Premium member and want more match options than what we deliver, we can refer you to a more specialized company that we recommend.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you're in an exclusive relationship but not yet engaged or married, it's a better option to change your relationship status in your Account Settings to allow us to check in about your status in the future if there's an identified match.

But if you're married, engaged, or otherwise know you want to never hear from us again, you can cancel your membership at any point. To cancel, log into your account > Account Settings > Account Status > change to "Inactive". Alternatively, you can send the request to support@datespot.love.

We fully respect your privacy, we will not pass along your information to anyone else.

Know that if you cancel, we won’t be contacting any matchmaking companies that have already paid to connect with you and thus gained access to your email and account info. You would have known and approved any of these and received intros to them, so you'll know who to contact if you want them to remove you there as well.

We hope that eventually you will cancel your account because you're successfully matched up!

Can I buy matchmaking for a family member?

That is so kind of you to think about it! Absolutely. You want to see your child, sibling or parent matched up - we get it.

We offer a package of three mutual matches for $1800. When you buy a package, the $185 AND the $499 setup fee are both waived.

If one of their first two matches works out, or we don't get the full number of mutual matches, they can convert the remaining funds towards any of our partner services - a photo shoot, image consulting, or relationship advising for their (hopefully) new relationship. Buy a package here. Thank you from both us and them!