Is this matchmaking?

We don't call our service matchmaking per se. True matchmaking involves dedicated, guaranteed attention and service, either for a specific timeframe or number of matches. If you want that (and are willing to pay for it), we're happy to talk with you and offer a suggestion for a company that fits your needs.

DateSpot free and Premium Matching allow you a unique way to get proactive about your dating life and expand your match possibilities without breaking the bank.

What makes you different than other dating sites/apps?

We're not a traditional dating site where members immediately connect with other members. We connect you to relationship-minded individuals who are serious about a lasting relationship. You're getting matches that are much more curated than the apps provide, and with much more privacy as our members don't have access to each other's profiles. After creating one account, you let matchmakers do the work for you. No having to write up anything witty for your profile. No swiping, searching, back and forth messaging, or ghosting. We're proud to offer a completely fresh approach!

What is your success rate?

It’s tricky for us to calculate success rate because we partner with so many different sites and apps. Plus, success comes in different forms, from becoming a better dater to understanding yourself more through date feedback to entering a relationship to getting married.
But we are happy to share that about 30% of our free members and 80% of our Premium Matching members receive receive a curated match option within their first month of joining.

We have not received one single request for a refund with any Premium Member. Because of the pay-per-match model and reasonable pricing per intro, we don't expect any.

Please feel free to email us with your own success stories!

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any point by logging into your account and clicking "cancel", or emailing support@datespot.love with your request. When you cancel, know that we won’t be contacting any matchmaking companies that you have already connected with, so you can contact them specifically if you want your profile deleted from their system as well. Refer to the terms and conditions for details.

How long will it generally take for a matchmaker to contact me?

The timeframe completely varies based on the needs of each specific matchmakers and their current clients. We don’t guarantee a specific time in which you will be contacted. In fact, we don't guarantee any matches at all. The free route is an excellent, private way to get proactive without having to do the apps (or in conjunction with them), but it should not seen as a replacement for either the apps (lots of volume) or dedicated matchmaking (high quality matches with dedicated service). If you ever want to receive more matches, you can book a dating consultation with us and we'll talk and recommend the right solutions for you, with no commitment.

Who are your members?

Our members are nationwide and inclusion is one of our core values. We allow everyone to be a potential match for clients, and we think there is a “lid for every pot.” We also strive to provide options for each person specific to their preferences and situation.

Keep in mind though that in terms of matches, clients of matchmaking companies are almost always looking for long-term monogamous relationships.

What is required to be involved?

We have six simple expectations of you:

  • Treat matchmakers and their clients with respect at all times.

  • Follow through with integrity. If you say you will meet a matchmaker’s client, don’t change your mind unless there is a very good reason.

  • If you go out with a client and a matchmaker requested feedback, provide that feedback as an important part of the iterative matchmaking process. They can shed light on whether a second date makes sense. If it turns out to be a great connection, they will better understand why. If it’s not a lasting connection, the info can be used to better match both the client and you in the future.

  • Rate the matchmaker you worked with via the email we send out. This helps other members select a matchmaker for them if they’re interested in becoming a client.

  • Respond to the minimal follow-up we send asking what happened with a particular connection to a matchmaker.

  • Please keep all information about members, clients and matchmakers confidential. Everyone’s privacy is respected.

Do I ever have to pay?

Nope! You're welcome to do the free route as long as you like. If you're successfully matched, you still don't pay. Only our Premium Members pay, and they opt-in to pay $500 per match when there's a fit and mutual interest.

Do you match LGBTQ+ members?

Yes, definitely! We’re inclusive of everyone. We take on free & Premium Matching members who are lesbian, gay, and the like to match them with each other as well as with partner matchmaker clients. Some of our partner matchmakers are LGBTQ+ focused, others have divisions, and other companies match LGBTQ+ members even when it's a smaller component of their business.

If you want someone more focused on your search, we can also direct you to the matchmaking companies we like who specialize in this audience.

All photos displayed are taken by our partner photographers.